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About Us

Organic India Today is a one-stop point to know the rich heritage and culture of India. Organic India Today one of the most promising insights to the booming organic industry and how India is working in the different sectors related to the organic industry like Organic Body Care, Organic Food, Ayurveda & Herbs, Handicrafts, and Home & Living. 

Organic India Today will be covering the latest and all the important updates related to the above sectors. You will get the topmost brands, small to big business and entrepreneurs stories of success and how India is emerging into a growing organic industry. 

We will cover information within India regarding the organic sectors from one of the top quality organic skincare products, foods and packed foods, organic handicrafts, Ayurveda and herbs, SureShot Herbal Treatments. 

One of the reasons that India has the strong potential to be able to produce various qualities of organic products is because of its different climate regions. 

Even today, organic farming is an inherited tradition by many farmers in several parts of our country. It is an added advantage because when a person inherits years of knowledge from his parents and grandparents, that knowledge poses the experiences and the observation and skills of the two-generation. And this helps the person to keep on learning, endlessly once the person achieves perfection. 

And, if we talk about statics, India rank 1st in terms of the number of organic producers according to the 2018 data; 9th position in terms of World’s Organic Agricultural Land.   

We will be sharing the information based on all the organic sectors, its impact, growth and development with the latest news and achievements and stories of entrepreneurs who are making a milestone in the organic industry.

Organic India Today will also provide herbal treatments for various health issues like sciatica, kidney stones, slipped disc, cervical, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Melasma and pimples and even piles problem.

These herbal medicines based treatments and are prepared by SureShot expert herbalist with years of knowledge and experience. And, as we said that the medicines are made by 100% natural herbs, they do not cause any side-effects.


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