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What Is Organic Towels? Types of Organic Towel, Benefits, Features Etc. 

The use of the word “Organic” has been growing every single day. More and more consumers are turning towards the organic lifestyle instead of an inorganic lifestyle. Organic lifestyle includes organic products like foods to textiles to homes themselves. The whole category of organic products, be it anything has turned into a separate business category. Countless brands have emerged out of nothing to become a part of the organic products movement. So what does the organic lifestyle have in store for you and what positive contribution do the organic towels have in your life? To understand why you need organic towels, you need to understand what is organic towels, the benefits of organic towels and what are the types of organic towel.

The word organic basically refers to something that is “Naturally made”. For a product to be categorized as organic, it is not enough to just use raw materials during the production phase of the product, they don’t have to be exposed to chemicals or any synthetic items during the whole production process. Organic Towels, Organic Sheets, Organic clothes are all enough to make major changes. There are multiple types of organic towel, here are all the benefits of organic towels.

Tips For Buying Organic Towels

Before we start sharing the types of organic towels, you should know how to buy organic towels. Each organic towel has its own unique look, feel, and absorbency rate. Here are some tips to help you choose the best towel for yourself.

1. Look For 100% Natural Fiber Towels

If you the purest and most natural towels then you need to find towels that are certified produced using sustainable methods. You should avoid using natural and synthetic fiber blend as synthetic materials tend to have a lesser absorbency rate. It can reduce the towel’s absorbency and attract odor build-up, even after regular washings. 

2. Choose Natural Bath Towels That Feel Good

The type of natural fiber used in a bath towel contributes to how the towel feels against your skin. You should choose these certain types of towels or fibers:

  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • Bamboo Viscose
  • Organic-Linen or Hemp

3. Determine Your Towel’s Weight

The weight of the towel determines the thickness and fabric density and it is measured in GSM (grams per square meter). Towels with GSM between 550-700 are considered medium to heavyweight. These towels feel thick and plush that makes them ideal for a bathroom. A lighter towel will have a lower GSM value, which is ideal if you want a flatter towel.

4. Choose Textures and Colors That Fit Your Bathroom

Most of the bath towels are made from terry cotton cloth. You’ll find out that most of the terry clothes come in a range of textures, if terry clothes aren’t your style, look for natural bath towels made from other textures and fabrics. Find the types of organic towels that suit the need of your bathroom.

5. Quality Made

Look for towels that have tightly woven side edges and hems along both ends of the towel. Your organic towel should be made with perfect quality and stitching techniques.

Most Common Types of Organic Towels

Cotton organic towels are made with organic cotton and are completely chemical-free. The towels are unbleached and undyed which provides a natural feel to your skin. 

  • Hand-loomed cotton towels are manufactured using the old methods of jacquard looms and vegetable dyed. The towels are soft, absorbent and they come in several beautiful designs.
  • Waffle-styled organic towels are very lightweight and they dry quickly. They are also made from 100% organic cotton and yarns.
  • Diagonally weaved twill organic towels are another type of organic towel, they are also available in multiple colors and you can rest assured that the coloring used is chemical-free. 

Organic towels with the combination of organic cotton and bamboo have a 70-30% ratio that is ideal for beaches, spa, pools, and picnics. These types of organic towel they are all-natural and they don’t shrink.

Top Benefits of Organic Towels

Everyone would want to wrap themselves in organic cotton towels that are very soft after a long and soothing shower. Organic cotton towels are environmentally safe, they are safe for your family as well, that’s only one of the many benefits of Organic towels:

1. Greater Absorbency

Organic towels are especially preferred by people as they are much more absorbent and lightweight than other towels. High absorbency is one of the biggest factors in choosing an organic towel. After taking a dip in a pool or an ocean you would want a towel that can dry you up completely. 

2. Softer Texture

Comfort is another huge factor when it comes to buying towels for your children. The best part about organic towels is that they tend to get softer and softer over time. Let’s take an example of Turkish cotton towels, the more you wash Turkish towels the softer they become. 

3. Great for Gifting

Another benefit of organic towels is that you can even gift them to those you love. Since towels are something everyone uses on daily basis, gifting someone a beautiful and super absorbent towel can be a good thing. 

Choosing organic cotton towels when gifting someone will never cause anyone a rash or skin problems. The towels are ideal for gifting for seniors or kids who have sensitive skins. 

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