Simple Ways to Keep Hair Healthy

Hair is the first thing we notice about a person and their personality. Hairs are the most important part of someone’s personality. Good hairs are associated with beauty in women and masculinity in men. Who wouldn’t want thick shiny and healthy hairs on their head? Hairs come in all shapes and sizes with multiple shades and colors. 

Taking care of hairs isn’t as easy of a task as it seems, there are a lot of steps when it comes to taking care of your hairs. There’s a long-range from trimming to cutting the hairs and maintaining it. You can use multiple products to keep your hair healthy like shampoos and oils, bleaching, highlighting, and much more. Hair loss pattern changes with the season and most of it are related to genes and lifestyle. You need to follow different practices to keep your hair healthy and to avoid hair fall, Split ends, and other hair related problems. 

All of us are different and one hair care process may work on one thing and may not work with another one. In today’s stressful lifestyle hair get extensively damaged. Bad eating habits, bad hair care routine, and extreme stress can result in excessive hair damage and hair fall. Here’s our list of how to keep your hair healthy. 

Best Tips for Healthy Hair and Scalp

The steps aren’t a lot, but if you follow them properly then you can get healthy shiny hairs in no time. Follow these basic hair care tips or steps to keep your hair healthy and let us know in the comment box if we have left anything out. 

1. Give your Hairs A Trim

Ensure you get your hairs trimmed regularly, have it trimmed by a professional hairstylist. If you have short hairs then you should get then trimmed every 4 to 8 weeks and for those who have long hairs, 6 to 12 weeks is the suggested time duration for hair cuts. If you don’t like going to a barber then learn how to trim your hairs yourself. It’s gonna require a little bit of practice but you can do it. Start with a pair of home hair cutting scissors to get you started with hair trimming. 

Hair trimming allows the hair to maintain the natural course of growth. It may not sound logical at first but studies have shown that trimming your hairs regularly can help with hair growth. 

2. Cleanse With Shampoo and Conditioner

You must shampoo your hair as it helps in keeping your scalp clean. Keep in mind that you shampoo your hairs to keep your scalp clean. Don’t focus on the end of your hair, you should also know how much shampoo to use based on your hair length. 

Over applying shampoo makes the hair dry by removing all the essential oils out of the scalp. Essential oils keep your hair moisturized and keep them strong and shiny. You should at least wash your hair twice a week. After you shampoo your hair, conditioning your hair is also important. Dry your wet hair with a clean towel before applying a conditioner. Focus on applying the conditioner to the roots of your hair instead of the top. 

3. Good Diet

In this stressful lifestyle, the most effective way to keep your hair healthy is by taking proper Vitamin, Protein, and Iron. Most of the nutrients are essentials for hair growth and hair maintenance.

They also give hair the natural shine, we recommend that you add iron-rich foods to your diet such as Fish, Beans, Soybeans, and Vegetables in your regular diet. Try to intake as many proteins and vitamins as possible in your food. Drink lots and lots of water to keep up with your diet, Keeping yourself hydrated basically means better skin, Better nails, and better hairs obviously. It will be great if you add organic food to your diet plan to keep your hair healthy.

4. Use Oils For Your Hairs

This is the most simple and most known ways to promote healthy hair growth. It is one of the best ways to ensure healthy-looking hair. The oil you use moisturizes your hair and scalp, try applying a little bit of coconut, almond or olive oil to your scalps. Different types of hairs require different kinds of oils. If you have thin/straight hairs apply essential oils like Coconut oil will help you to keep your hair healthy. 

If you have dry hair, apply oil when hair is wet to seal in the moisture. Oiling hairs while they are wet helps keep the moisture locked in. The results will be better than you expect, regular oiling of the hairs can help you keep your hair healthy.

5. Handle your Hairs With Care

Your hairs are delicate and you should handle it with care. Use a brush with wide bristles to comb your hairs to keep the hair fall to a minimum. Wet hairs should be combed with care as strands are weaker when wet compared to when they are dry. Don’t overstretch your hairs, that will cause them to break in the process. Brush your hair daily, and if you can brush them twice a day and do the brushing from the bottom up. 

Conclusion: How to Take Care of Hair Naturally?

Keeping your hair healthy and shiny is a tough task but you can do it simply by following the simple hair care tips at home mentioned above. Use oils, shampoo regularly, and eat well! Most importantly, try to avoid as much stress as possible.If you are fitness freak, you try these yoga poses for healthy hair. These yoga poses will help to growth hair naturally.

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