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These Foods Can Make Your Diabetes Worst!

Today we will discuss some of the worst foods and drinks for diabetic patients. In case you are just relying on medicines, you can change the food list diabetics should avoid. This will help you change your diabetic status drastically.

What food should diabetic patients avoid?

Potato Chips

Yes, this is one of the most popular things to avoid in diabetes. So, add potato chips in the foods list diabetics should avoid. These chips contain fructose corn syrup, fat, sodium, and preservatives, and these ingredients are not healthy for diabetic patients. Another reason is excess calories intake because when you eat potato chips, you do not feel full and this further leads to excess eating.

Sweet Treats

This is the second most popular thing to avoid in diabetes because it is hard for you to not eat sweet treats like cookies, desserts, and snack bars. These items are packed in a fancy way and served in a really good way. Instead of consuming such highly sweet unhealthy foods, it is better to go for fruits in raw form. Even other sweet options like granola bars, pretzels and fruit pastries are also highly processed and full of sugar.

Fruit Juices

This is a common myth among people that packed fruit juices are healthy drinks and have it every day, but this is not true. You can add fruit juices in the list of worst foods and drinks for diabetic people because these fruit juices do not contain any nutrients and fibre and at last, you get a highly sugary drink that will only increase your blood sugar level. Therefore, go for raw fruits instead of drinking these fruit juices. Also, you need to add fruit smoothies in the list of worst foods and drinks for diabetic patients. These smoothies are nothing but sugary drinks, loaded with too much sugar and fruit flavors.

Brown and White Bread

Brown bread or white bread both contain fine flour (maida) in it. Yes, the brown bread indeed contains less amount of fine flour, but still you should put this in the list of foods diabetics should avoid. Because just like brown sugar, brown bread is also marketed cleverly to make you buy such products in the name of healthy options, but these foods are not different from their alternatives. White rice, white bread, brown bread, and white flour all these are surely one of the worst foods for diabetic patients because they are full of starchy carbohydrates that lead to excess sugar with no fibre in it. Therefore, these types of foods contain high blood sugar level and less nutrition.

Low Fat Packaged Food

Surely these products look appealing and delicious to you, and you also feel like you are eating something that contains a low amount of sugar. These companies add an outrageous amount of sugar in their products to sell low-fat products, but in reality, they want you to like the taste of their products that is not even close to healthy foods. There will be certain brands that are really making a healthy alternative, but most of the brands are just selling a lie.

French Fries

This is popular, many people love to have these tiny French fries. French fries are popular junk food made of potatoes and a white potato contain 4 grams of fibre and 40 grams of carbs, therefore these deep-fried French fries should be listed under the things to avoid in diabetes list. People who are diabetic should consume low glycemic foods, and French fries are high glycemic foods that can increase your blood sugar level.

Mineral & Sports Drinks

Many sports drinks are cleverly marketed and they sell these drinks as a healthy option. But these drinks contain processed sugars and high fructose corn syrup, and this can result in high blood sugar level. A bottle of sports drinks contains 32 grams of sugar, and this quantity is more than the normal quantity that women should consume in a day. Therefore, look for alternatives like having raw fruits to get natural sugar and energy.

Protein Bars

Yes, you need to add a protein bar in the list of foods diabetics should avoid. Most of the protein bars contain nearly 30 grams of added sugar. If you really want to buy a protein bar, make sure they are actually selling what they say. If you want to consume protein, then it is better to go for natural foods like eggs, chicken, fish, tofu, chickpeas, etc.

It is simple but many people complex things by not following some of the most simple and effective ways of maintaining health, and that is keeping a check on your food. The reason we shared the worst foods and drinks for diabetics is that you can control your blood sugar level by avoiding these foods.

You do not have to depend on medicines completely for a lifetime, just give your body what is better for your wellbeing and you will see the result yourself. This will not only control your blood sugar level but it will also prevent you from other health problems like kidney damage, heart diseases, neuropathy, obesity and other health issues.

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