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For us, living today in a city comes with endless opportunities but living in cities is not good for our health anymore, we need filters everywhere, filter for drinking water, filter for better skin and filter for a better view. 

Why herbal skincare is vital?

Why Herbal Skin

Due to the increase in pollution our food, air, and water and just name it what not. It has become more important to Eat Organic, Live organic and Read Organic.

Adulteration is a huge problem and it is harming our system with chemicals and toxins found in dangerous fertilizers used to grow our food.

So the first thing you can do to ensure the overall health is to eat fresh and organic food products, definitely what we eat has an overall impact on our entire system and definitely on our skin as well. 

And, then to give extra care to our skin because it is needed in today’s world. You must use herbal, Ayurvedic products without any chemical, preservatives. 

Taking care of your skin with the help organic or herbal skincare products and eating organic food is an overall process of being healthy inside out.    


Not only today, even in the ancient time sandalwood oil was used as an astringent and antiseptic. Sandalwood oil is used in fragrance, perfumes, soaps and cosmetics because of its warm and woody odor.


Turmeric is a popular in skincare products because it contains curcuminoid pigments. This pigments is extremely helpful in synthesizing antioxidants which further help to guard your skin from free radicals, dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines and signs of ageing.


Top 4 Herbs For Skincare

There are some of the best quality herbs that are grown in India to use them for their magical beneficial properties and especially for skincare. Even today many houses in India used turmeric based ubtan as their best home remedy for skincare. Here are the 4 herbs which are used for skincare home remedies and in organic skincare herbal products.







Tea Tree


Read Organic

Here we will talk about Top Indian Skincare Brands which are making a milestone not only in India but in other countries as well. 

Over here @organicindia we will talk about herbal skincare products, products that are booming for their beneficial herbal properties and for essential oils, without any chemical usage or anything which is harmful to your skin.

Read Organic
Read Organic


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