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Handicrafts have been one of the prized possession of Indian culture. Indian handicraft is known throughout the world. Even one of the oldest Indian civilization is known greatly for its handicrafts.  

How Handicrafts evolved in India? 

Handicrafts Evolution

India was known to be one of the best quality handicrafts and silk clothes in the world. This handicraft industry was at its peak during the medieval time. All the residents had one or another skill to show off as they perfected the handicraft skills with generations of knowledge.

After the arrival of the British and other colonial powers, the Indian handicraft industry started struggling to keep up with the foreign markets. It was the exploitation and destruction of the already established handicraft industry of our country. Indian Handicrafts industry was based on making things intricately by hand. The market faced some challenges that people were facing. Machine-based goods were much cheaper and the production time was also less, in comparison to the cost and time of the handcrafted goods. Also, other factors lead to the huge destruction of Indian handcrafts due to the invasion of the British. Now with our help, you can get access to original Indian handicrafts that will help you strengthen the economy.

Handmade Clothes

Original Indian Handicrafts 

Even after so many years of Independence, India is still known for some of the most intricate and beautiful handicrafts.

Ancient Indian Handicrafts

Ancient Indian Handicrafts

Indian ancient temples and historic monuments are one of the best examples of the finest architectural talent. We help you find such art to decorate your home. Not only then, we also help you find handmade jewelry and products that can be useful in our daily lives. 


Handicraft work in India! 

The handicraft work can be seen in the various parts of our country, you can see incredible talents on clothes, woods, bamboo, and paintings on the walls, decor, goods with utility like bags, purses, and even design on the walls of ancients temples across the country. There are some of the best architecture work that will blow your mind. You will find temples which have faced many years of environmental disasters and still their structure is strong as a mountain.  And, the handcrafted work on the walls of these temples is breathtaking. 

Ancient Beautiful Handicrafts
Ancient Beautiful Handicrafts
Ancient Beautiful Handicrafts
Ancient Beautiful Handicrafts

Handicraft Art Form - - The Essence of Modern India!

Rich Handcraft culture is a blessing and India is surely rich in this art form for thousands of years. India is blessed to have such a wide variety of art and, handicraft is one of the examples of the same cultural gifts. Organic India Today helps in making people meet with a wide range of natural handicrafts, crafted by the hands of residents of the country

Essence Of Modern India
Essence Of Modern India


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