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India has one of the biggest diverse countries all over the world. But India beauty also relies on the different way of living and diverse structures of different types of houses in various states.   

Diverse Living in India  

Diverse Living in India

Where on the other side, Sikkim is known to be the first-ever organic state on the other side Kashmir is known for its world-famous quality of Saffron (Kesar).

Kashmir saffron has been given GI tag which means it has been given the tag of geographical indication. Saffron as one the most expensive spices in the world is grown in the Karewa (highlands) of Jammu and Kashmir.


Kashmir is called heaven on earth for a reason and no doubt that besides it natural beautiful destination Kashmir is also known for its old traditional homes and world-famous saffron.


When it comes to producing biologically rich food products Assam has proved to top the list here. Assam is India’s first-ever organic state. Not only this Assam is also known for its beautiful humble people and down to earth way of living. 


Diverse Home in India 

Diversity of houses in India has cultural, seasonal and architectural reasons behind it. Like in Kerala you see beautiful nalukettu home with beautiful gardens and lakes nearby. 

These houses are completely different from the houses you will see in the northern parts of the countries more often you will see Villas, Bungalows, Penthouses, Flats and apartments. 

On the other side, you will see Solanki or Māru-Gurjara architecture style traditional structures in north Indian temple architecture, especially in Rajasthan and Gujarat. 

Then comes, Bhuta tribe houses in the north-east side of the country, these traditional Bhutia house is called a "khim" and these houses are usually rectangular.


Solanki or Māru-Gurjara architecture style.

Bhutia House

Bhutia house is called a khim.



Nalukettu home

Nalukettu home.

India welcomes everyone!

Living in different structures and with different cultures is what makes India as a whole one the most diverse nation in the world. It has all types of shades, from flowers to seasons, to lands, to people. 

And, this why India welcomes all types of differences, which makes it even more welcoming as you must have heard about “Atithi Devo Bhava,” this what describes India beautifully.  

Atithi Devo Bhava is a gesture towards to guest, embodies from the Hindu-Buddhist philosophy of revering guests.  

India welcomes everyone
India welcomes everyone


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